8 Mistakes To Avoid in the Reading Section of PTE Academic

PTE Reading Mistakes You Need To Avoid For A Better Score In PTE Academic: Reading is a critical section in PTE Academic that tests your ability to comprehend and analyze written text. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while tackling the Reading section:


PTE Reading Mistake 1: Not Managing Your Time

Time management is crucial in the Reading section of PTE Academic. You have limited time to read and answer questions, so avoid spending too much time on a single question or passage. Keep track of the time and pace yourself accordingly to ensure you have enough time to complete all the questions within the given time limit.


PTE Reading Mistake 2: Not Reading the Instructions Carefully

Each question type in the Reading section has specific instructions that you need to follow. It’s essential to read the instructions carefully to understand what is being asked and how to respond. Avoid making assumptions or jumping to conclusions without fully understanding the instructions.


PTE Reading Mistake 3: Not Skimming and Scanning

Skimming and scanning are effective reading techniques that can help you quickly grasp the main ideas and locate specific information in the passage. Avoid reading the passage word by word, as it can be time-consuming. Instead, practice skimming and scanning techniques to identify keywords, headings, and main ideas efficiently.


PTE Reading Mistake 4: Not Understanding the Passage

PTE Academic passages can cover a wide range of topics, including academic, scientific, and general interest subjects. It’s crucial to understand the main ideas, arguments, and tone of the passage to answer the questions accurately. Avoid making assumptions or guessing, and strive to comprehend the passage thoroughly.


PTE Reading Mistake 5: Not Managing Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in answering the questions in the Reading section. They can help you locate relevant information in the passage and match it with the question requirements. Avoid overlooking or misunderstanding keywords in the passage or questions, as it can lead to incorrect answers.


PTE Reading Mistake 6: Not Being Systematic

It’s important to approach the Reading section systematically. Avoid randomly selecting answers or skipping questions, as it can result in incomplete or inconsistent responses. Develop a systematic approach, such as reading the passage first, understanding the questions, and then locating the relevant information in the passage to answer the questions accurately.


PTE Reading Mistake 7: Not Reviewing Your Responses

After completing the Reading section, it’s crucial to review your answers if time permits. Avoid leaving any questions unanswered or unreviewed. Double-check your answers to ensure they are accurate and aligned with the passage and question requirements. Look out for any mistakes, typos, or misinterpretations, and correct them if needed.


PTE Reading Mistake 8: Not Practicing Time-bound Practice Tests

Time management is a key factor in the Reading section of PTE Academic. Avoid practicing without time limits or neglecting timed practice tests. Practice with official PTE Academic practice tests or other reliable sources to familiarize yourself with the time constraints and get accustomed to managing your time effectively during the actual exam.


By avoiding these common mistakes and developing effective strategies, you can improve your performance in the Reading section of PTE Academic and increase your chances of achieving a higher score. Remember to manage your time effectively, read instructions carefully, practice skimming and scanning, understand the passage, manage keywords, be systematic in your approach, review your responses, and practice with timed practice tests to enhance your Reading skills.

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